Some blessing like “Congratulations”, “cheers”, “ God bless “, “ Have a wonderful life ahead” are always welcome but some phrases can sometimes go wrong.

Being Indian it is in our blood to talk a lot about the wedding so as soon as one of our friends or family member gets engaged. We just hop over with all the silly questions. We just get so excited about all the programs, the functions, preparations and forget about everything else.

We just love the happily ever after. But at times this might not go so well with the person, as they might not be prepared for your next question.

1. “When are you going to have kids?”

This is certainly not a good start as the couple might have not yet thought it through. This might even scare them from the thought of marriage which is certainly not easy to handle.

Mark our words and just control your excitement a little. Think like this that they haven’t planned about the wedding yet so there is just no reason of thinking about starting a family.

2. How are they paying for the wedding?

This is again a pretty touchy subject, as they might just not be sure how they are going to handle all this. Let them plan and have their own way out and they will ask if in case they need help. You might not have any idea how the families have planned it and whether they are still arguing about the topic. Money is a pretty sensitive matter and they need to deal it their own way. You should always allow them this much space.

3. “Are you inviting cousin Pooja?”

The basic conversation that families go through is short listing the guest list. As much they want to invite everyone to their wedding, there is always the money factor and that determines the number of guest they can easily fit in to the wedding. And you constantly asking them whether or not they are inviting “pooja”, might worry them and they cannot get it of their mind.

So, it is far better not to ask about the budget or the guest list. Let them sort it out and if they ask you for suggestion, only then go ahead.

4. “That’s not the ring I expected you to get.”

Another specialty of Indians is that they love the jewelry but the young generation like it to keep it simple and elegant. The days of long old traditional necklaces are long gone, so don’t pressurize anyone to settle according to your terms.

You mentioning something about the appearance of the ring might just upset the bride or groom and this certainly impacts the festive mood of the wedding. Let them have their way out and you just enjoy the things with them.

5. “Are you planning to lose weight for the wedding?”

Please just save yourself from the wrath of angry bride. Why upset her with your silly questions? She knows what to do and what not. It is her business alone and let all the bride and her family cherish the special moments as they want. There is no need to spread negativity about the weight, so keep it zipped, even though this striked your head.

Are you getting married in a few days or months to come?? Worried about being asked same questions from your friends or relatives?

The best way to remind them that they should not poke their nose in others business is via simply sharing with them this hilarious experience blog. So don’t wait, tag along your cousins and relatives, who are most likely to do the same thing.


Is your big day around? Has the countdown begun? If yes, Here’s a big CONGRATULATIONS!!

Makeup is a very big part of your THE DAY, isn’t it? All the pictures that are to be taken on this day, would remain with us forever. So, we all take good measures to look amazing and try not to make any mistakes.
Checkout these 5 mistakes to avoid before your Special Day’s makeup.

Swizel Tip – Whenever you choose a makeup artist for your big day, you should always look out for their previous work and check out for all the options.

The 3rd one really saved one of our users from committing a major blunder. Just get a quick sneak peek and look the most beautiful on your big day.

1. Stop using Retinol based products.

Retinol is a chemical present in most of your skin aging products and a few other skin care products. It makes your skin more sensitive, so it is advisable to stop using such products one month in advance. Those who continued using such products a day before their makeup, have often witnessed extreme redness and some skin burns.

2. Don’t use under-eye cream.

The under eyes creams are undoubtedly good, but you just need to be careful, as they are bit thick. When you have to apply foundation, the skin appears to be cakey. So, why not just skip it for a few days before your big day and look for better home based alternatives.

3. Avoid SPF.

Using moisturizer is said to be mandatory everyday, but some foundations don’t go too well with the moisturizers containing SPF. To save yourself from all troubles, either try direct foundation without applying moisturizer before or just use the one with no SPF.

4. Avoid waxing.

Don’t arrange for waxing around your pre-bridal makeup, keep it at an interval of at least two days.  All we girls know that waxing causes the skin to become super sensitive, so why take risks.

5. Don’t try something new

You know we all want to look exceptionally good but trying out new stuff when the wedding is around the corner is not going to work. This might even turn out to be a disaster for the special day.

Powered by – Our beauty partner – Tress Lounge, Model Town, Karnal.

Wedding Venue Decorations Tips You Need To Know!

First things first – You need to have a clear idea of how you want your venue to be. Let’s say- Classic? Glamorous? Bohemian? Minimalist? And if you are yet to decide what you really want, then that is the number one step to go.

We know, it is not that easy to choose the one you like and sometimes you feel stuck. In that case, just get in touch with professional Decor partner – ROE Events by Anshul Kataria. His team would display you tons of idea to choose from and you can select whichever you like.

Here are some of this basic tips that can help you in planning your style of wedding decor –

Be Flexible With Your Color Palette

It is good to have a general idea about color choices but more importantly it is important to be open-minded and try out different color streams.

Don’t feel that everything need to match perfectly with each other. Sometimes it’s just best to leave things to the lighting and all will work out pretty well.

Pro tip – Try focusing on neutral colors, this would definitely do the trick for you.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

The next thing, is to make the best use of the venue. The place you are hosting your party, might already be charming, all you got to do is, make use of the little in-built stuff around like glass windows, fountains or ceiling beams.

You can see in the above picture, how ROE Events beautifully decorated this 5 star Hotel in Karnal – The Noor Mahal. Consult your wedding planner to mockup the space with various décor.

Start With the Essentials

This step involves the ideas to finalize the décor. Check out for the settings of the tables, seating arrangement – chairs and the lighting too if necessary.

You can give it your own touch with the addition of lavish hanging arrangements or some peacock shaped stage décor. Just get to the focal points in your reception and utilize the space properly.

 Pictures credit :- ROE Events by Anshul Kataria.

Want To Surprise Your Loved Ones? Here’s What You Can Do………

It is no longer a secret that we all love surprises from our loved ones. Because it makes us feel special. Or we can say that we get some personal time to spend with our favourite people.

But sometimes it’s your special one’s birthday, anniversary or some special event and you don’t find anything to arrange for them. So, that’s where we come in. You just need to download our app and send us your enquires we will do everything for you. And in case you don’t have any super fun surprise ideas for all these occasions, don’t hustle we have a list of ideas that will help you to surprise your loved ones with some extra celebratory mile.

1. Birthday Ideas:
Turn your loved one’s birthday in a day full of surprises. Think of all the things they admire and love and filled their day with all these things. This will not only make them happy but will also make them love you more. Go by decorating their rooms with flowers, lights and much more. We have everything for you. All you are required to do is send us details and everything will be done on time and perfection.

2. Aniversary:
No matter how old you get it’s the day that everyone wants to cherish in their marriage life. Whether it your first anniversary, golden jubilee or silver jubilee everyone wants to make it special. You don’t have to go to separate people to arrange your parties, dinners or house. Just download Swizel, the solution to all your problems. We have everything for you from food, decorations, flowers and much more.

A single place where you can find everything to make your moments specials. Reach out to us and we will arrange everything for you whether it is candlelight dinner, event or a party at the best possible rates.

3. Day of love:
We all know that there is a trend among people to celebrate the day of love. And we all want to do our best to surprise our loved ones. Everyone wants the best bouquets, lights or candlelight dinner for their special ones. But we end up with nothing in our hands because we all fail somehow to arrange all these things at ease. But now there is no need to worry. We will arrange everything for you at the best prices. Send us your details and you will get everything at your place. You can also post book your order wit us. We are here to make your life full of celebrations.

3 Healthy Diet Places In Karnal

As we all know that food available in restaurants is reminiscent, but with this, it also brings excess oil, fat and some calories.
In this fast-moving world, everyone is becoming conscious towards their health. And just want to eat some healthy food. But, all of us end up eating junk food which is not good for health and heart.

But, why we all end up eating junk food instead of some healthy food? Yes, we have the right answer for all your doubts. It happened because we all feel lazy enough to cook something for ourselves or maybe some of us don’t have enough time to cook. Though, all of us want to eat healthy but are afraid to compromise with our taste buds, especially in the case of our Indians. Why because we Indian are born with flavour oriented Indian taste buds.

So, here our team of Swizel constantly work hard to bring out the best healthy diet food places in Karnal for you.
And we have found 3 places in Karnal that serve lip-smacking healthy food along with some deadly combinations  hich are not only yummy but healthy also.

1. Pahalwans:
You don’t have to ask anyone for this place, Pahalwans doesn’t need any introduction in Karnal. You know the fact that all the food available at Pahalwans are made in hygienic kitchens.

Because they believe in serving the healthy yet yummy to their customers.

We ourselves taste their food and our team members were spell bounded by their taste. We are sure you will get spoiled once you try their luscious yet healthy food. We heartily recommend this place in Karnal for healthy food. So,
if you haven’t tried this place. Go check out now and get obscured in their yummy and healthy food.

2. Hwealth Café:
The name is enough to signify their mantra of café. They are known for serving food full of nutrition to the people of Karnal. Right from their salads, drinks to complete meals everything shouts healthy food. You have both choices  ither to take away or sit in the place and have some healthy food. The best thing about this place is that they provide nutritional value of the food they serve to you including carbs, protein, calories and much more. It is revitalizing new option for the karnal food lovers who constantly look for healthy food places in Karnal. This place will surely offer you a daily dose of healthy and nutritional food with a dart of flavours.

3. Gandhi Kitchen:
If you are a gym freak and looking out for a healthy point in Karnal than this is the right place to go.

They believe in serving food with low calories in a cushy ambience. Whatever you demand this place can offer you such as salads, drinks and complete meals. They are specialized for making fresh yet nutritious food. And one
more thing or we can say it a bumper offer, yes you can customize your order as per your preferences.
You should surely add this place to your list of healthy food joints in Karnal.

All of the above places are one of the best and healthy food joints in Karnal. They are specialized in serving healthy and yummy food to their customers. And don’t forget to share this article because the team Swizel follows one USP that is to do what you love. Do spread some love and help us to grow with you.