Swizel is a platform that offers a variety of services and that’s what makes us different from other food delivering apps in India.

You can use our platform with so much ease. Let’s describe you in brief how our platform works.


Swizel has a large number of restaurants options, flower delivery shops and decoration vendors from which you can choose from. When you open our app, you can easily scroll down through our menu to check what all the services we are offering. You can check our feeds to get some help. After scrolling down, if you like something, click on it and add it to the cart.

In case you want to add multiple items in your cart then you can easily add them just by scrolling down through the menu.


So, when you are done with the items, you can go to your cart option to add your address. There you will see the delivery time and the total amount of your order along with the tax and order fee.

If everything looks fine to you, then just tap the place your order option and choose your mode of payment.

If you pay by card then there are no extra charges of cash on delivery but if you choose the cod option then there is the minimum extra amount that will be charged during your checkout.


You can easily track your order on our app. First, you will see that the restaurant has accepted your order request. Then, when your order will get ready, our Swizel partner boy will go the restaurant to pick up your order.

Once your order will be pick up by our boy you can easily track your order delivery time on our app.

Download our app and check out the whole process.